Cosmetic Dentistry

We take a special interest in providing you with everything you need to improve your smile.”..more than 1 in 4 people in the US do not like the appearance of their teeth.” Source: Adult Dental Health Survey, office of populations, censuses and surveys.

Today a great smile is the accepted norm. The shape, color and quality of your smile can create the perception of youth, health and confidence. A great smile can positively influence your professional career and even your personal relationships. When you look in the mirror do you like what you see? If not, you can enhance your smile in as little as two appointments.

A full list of cosmetic treatments provided by Dr Simmons is outlined below:

Design A Smile
Smile Makeovers
Teeth whitening
Tooth colored bondings (fillings)
Porcelain veneers
Metal Free crowns
Metal free fillings and crowns

More and more of our patients are requesting tooth-colored fillings and dental restorations. The advantages of Metal-Free fillings, crowns and bridges are as follows:

Less invasive placement
More stable than mercury amalgam
Provide a tighter seal
Do not weaken teeth since they don’t expand the way metal does.
Restoring teeth to their original strength and to a beautiful appearance.
Now, with the latest generation of materials, even bridgework can beautifully mimic nature without metal. If you have cavities or worn out dental work, or if you just want to replace your existing dental work to make it look beautifull, Dr Simmons can help you with gorgeous dental restorations that defy detection.

Teeth whitening

Our team has a lot of experience using tooth-whitening techniques and we are able to achieve fantastic results.

This can be done in office using one of our ‘power whitening’ system or over a period of 10 days using a custom made ‘Home Bleaching’ kit. We use the top whitening systems used by dentists in the USA

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